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Sony: "Games will lead the way" for 3D

Andrew House on 3D, Other OS, GT5, PSN.

SCEE president Andrew House has said that "games are a perfect fit with 3D" and expects them to "lead the way in consumer understanding of how 3D enhances the entertainment experience".

"Games can be adapted into 3D relatively easily and with this technology we can add depth and make games more immersive than ever," House told the PlayStation.com website (thanks VG247).

"As well as the games that will be available in June [to coincide with the launch of a new Bravia 3D TV], WipEout HD, Super Stardust HD, Pain and a demo of MotorStorm Pacific Rift, we have some very exciting games on the horizon."

Asked whether there was much point in Sony getting behind 3D yet given that most people have only just bought an HDTV, and plenty haven't even done that, House defended Sony's strategy.

"It is important to us that we are always moving forward with new technologies, especially where there is the potential to redefine the entertainment experience," he said. "As far as 3D is concerned, the potential for 3D gaming is huge and we are only scratching the surface.

"Of course, as with all new technologies, initially there are barriers to entry, such as the cost of the TVs. Regardless of that, we feel that it is our responsibility to offer all consumers a choice. If you want to spend the money on a new 3D TV, then we will provide you with 3D content to play.

"That is not to say that out priorities have changed. Our priority is still very much our key traditional Blu-ray Disc titles, and that does not mean that we can't offer some 3D fun as well."

Speaking of choice and shiny new trends, House also said that while digital distribution is wicked, Sony plans to keep on supporting discs despite building its online business.

"At the moment, disc-based content is still very much what the consumer is used to and wants. However, there has been a change in attitude and technology that is making digital delivery far more feasible and far more attractive," he explained.

"It is our job to ensure that consumers have the choice between the two where possible. How this area will evolve, I can't really say at this time, as we are relying on many things outside of our control, such as broadband speeds. Things are changing quickly and we have to make sure we are ready for those changes."

One change we may see soon is a new premium model for PlayStation Network, but House was careful to make it clear that people won't suddenly be charged for what they are already offered for free.

"I can assure you that the current PSN as you know it will remain a free service," he said. "It is something that our competitors don't offer and something that shows our loyalty to the PlayStation Community.

"However, Kaz Hirai stated a few months ago that we were looking at a premium service to sit alongside the current free service and that objective has not changed. You'll learn more about it very soon."

At E3 presumably, where we also hope to see Gran Turismo 5. On that front, one of the questions (apparently from four PSN users) was "Is Gran Turismo 5 just a myth?", to which House responded: "Absolutely not. It's looking amazing and will be out soon." Righto.

Something that won't be out soon, having been booted in a recent PlayStation 3 firmware update, is the Other OS option that allowed gamers to install Linux on their consoles. House was asked about the backlash and had these words for people who still feel aggrieved:

"We are very aware of how vocal the community has been about this. I can assure you that it was a very difficult decision for us to take, but one that we fully believe is in the best long-term interest of PlayStation and the PlayStation community."

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