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Sony announces huge Eurogamer Expo line-up

Plus Guerrilla, Media Molecule, Evolution live sessions.

Eurogamer is thrilled to announce that Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is bringing all of its hottest PlayStation 3 games and developers to this year's Eurogamer Expo at Earls Court, London, from 1st to 3rd October.

Tickets for the Expo are on sale now, and today we can confirm that attendees will get to play Gran Turismo 5, inFamous 2, Killzone 3, LittleBigPlanet 2, MotorStorm Apocalypse and SOCOM: Special Forces.

We also have PlayStation Move and some of its first major games: Heavy Rain, Sports Champions, The Fight and The Shoot.

For those of you curious to see how PlayStation 3 content looks in 3D, we will also have Gran Turismo 5, Killzone 3 and MotorStorm Apocalypse playable on 3D TV.

Not only that, but three of Sony's biggest studios - Killzone 3's Guerrilla Games, LittleBigPlanet 2's Media Molecule and MotorStorm Apocalypse outfit Evolution Studios - will be putting on developer sessions where they showcase the game exclusively to attendees in our dedicated auditoriums.

The Eurogamer Expo takes place over three days in the heart of London this October, and brings together the best games of this Christmas and next year for you to play. Expo attendees can also take part in competitions, check out our indie games and retro arcades and get involved with the games industry through the annual GamesIndustry.biz Career Fair.

Tickets are on sale now at the official website for just £8 per day. You can keep up to date with Eurogamer Expo news here on Eurogamer and on Facebook and Twitter.

Check out some of the stars of that epic Sony line-up:

Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo 5: crashing into the Eurogamer Expo.

Developed by the perfectionists at Polyphony Digital, Gran Turismo 5 is so epic it comes on 48 Blu-rays that assemble themselves into a statue of a classic road car whenever you blow a special whistle infused with magic 'turismonium' particles. In more truthful news, it's home to over 1000 cars, more tracks and disciplines than ever, two photo modes and bold online components that Sony hopes will make it the most comprehensive racing game ever.

inFamous 2

inFamous 2: Eat electric death.

Following last year's promising first shot at an openworld superhero game, Sucker Punch takes us south of Empire City in search of new adventure, with protagonist Cole on the hunt for new powers while he himself is hunted by a new and monstrous adversary. The developers are promising more character, more heart, more graphical frills and variety, and more electricity, obviously.

Killzone 3

Killzone 3: Helghast man standing.

For many, Killzone 2 is synonymous with the announcement and early years of PlayStation 3: a brutal, visually uncompromising portrayal of some men who go to war on another planet and shoot some guys. Lots of guys. Killzone 3 puts players back on Helghan as things go from bad to worse for Sev and friends.

LittleBigPlanet 2

LittleBigPlanet 2: Media Molecule speaks to EGTV.

LittleBigPlanet allowed you to build your own platform games; for LittleBigPlanet 2, Media Molecule has been pushing the line that it wants to give you a platform for games instead. A lot of the restrictions that bound all but the most adventurous and persistent creators have been withdrawn or reconfigured, so that in addition to a kickass co-operative multiplayer adventure you can build your own racing games, puzzle games, strategy games and more besides.

MotorStorm: Apocalypse

MotorStorm Apocalypse: Bringing the house down.

MotorStorm was always about that relentless, inexorable flow of metal through massive, multi-threaded environments, but for Apocalypse developer Evolution wants to up the ante again, bringing its fictional US city down around you. There's a story too, boldly for a racing game, and an ambitious multiplayer environment that listens to the lessons of games like Call of Duty and attempts to transplant them to its home turf.

SOCOM: Special Forces

SOCOM Special Forces: Heading to the Eurogamer Expo.

Zipper Interactive's long-running series takes its first proper bow on PlayStation 3 later this year, rebooting the tactical third-person shooter to take advantage of new command options and combat improved AI. SOCOM: Special Forces will also be one of the first PS3 games to support Move.

For all those games and more, including developer sessions, the indie and retro arcades and the GamesIndustry.biz Career Fair, check out the Eurogamer Expo at Earls Court from 1st to 3rd October this year. Look out for more announcements very soon...

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