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Sonic Wii in March

Secret Rings soon explorable.

You'll soon be able to shake your way through a Sonic adventure on Wii, as SEGA has confirmed a 2nd March release date for the game.

Sonic and the Secret Rings will make full use of the wacky Wii controller, by making you gesticulate yourself into a frenzy if the hedgehog is going to win the day. You see, an evil genie has wrought mayhem in the storybook world of Arabian Nights, all because he wants those luscious Secret Rings, and it's down to you to stop him.

You'll be able to sweat through more than 100 missions in the single-player game, and play over 40 mini-games with people masquerading as your friends.

We wrote some things about the title after we had a play at last year's E3, and you can find those words elsewhere on the site.

You can also sprint over to our gamepage to wallow in screenshots and videos for the game.

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Sonic and the Secret Rings

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