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Sonic Spinball heads US VC

More gems to collect.

Dished up today on the American Virtual Console platter are three new games for one new week, headed by that fast-footed hedgehog, Sonic.

He stars in the 1993 Mega Drive title Sonic Spinball, which is a pinball take on the series, as you might have guessed. The only real difference is that you get to control the ball, Sonic, as well as the flippers. Other than that, it's once again down to you to battle Dr. Robotnik by zipping around levels at ridiculous and probably law breaking speeds.

Next up is an American Football game for NES called Tecmo Bowl, where one or two players can pick from 12 teams to do all sorts of things we'll never understand, like take on the computer in 11-game single-elimination play-off action.

So, let's move quickly on to Double Dungeons for the TurboGrafx-16, a side-scrolling 3D role-playing game for two players. All you have to do here is conquer 21 scenarios by smashing monster-faces until you find a key for the boss room, buying new equipment along the way. Once you've done all that to obtain the passwords, you can pop into to the final level for a good old dust up.

All that's left to remind you now, is that Mega Drive memories will cost you 800 Wii points, NES nifties 500, and TurboGrafx tulips 600.

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