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SOE acquires Vanguard team

Sigil will continue with MMO.

Sony Online Entertainment has stumped up the dosh to acquire Vanguard: Saga of Heroes developer Sigil Games Online, GamesIndustry.biz is reporting.

It means that SOE will now completely own the recently released MMO, which has sold nearly 200,000 copies to date.

Work will continue on Vanguard for the foreseeable future, with the majority of the development team integrating into SOE's group of studios.

"With an unparalleled team and exceptional product, Sigil has been a creative force in the online games space," said John Smedley, SOE's president.

"We look forward to continuing the vision for Vanguard and to continue to deliver some ground breaking game play."

Sigil was founded in 2002 by two SOE employees, Brad McQuaid and Jeff Butler, who worked on the development of its hit MMO EverQuest.

McQuaid now returns to SOE as a consultant, with the title Vanguard Creative Advisor.

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