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SNES Classic - games list, controllers and specs, UK pre-order, release date and everything else we know about the mini SNES

An unreleased Star Fox game, longer cables and everything else we know about Nintendo's blast to the past.

It's no surprise UK pre-orders for the SNES Classic sold out within a day of its announcement back in June. Officially titled the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System, the retro design and nostalgic list of games meant everyone wanted one and there's not long to wait until its release.

The arrival of the SNES Classic follows the sold-out success of the NES mini. Shipments of the NES mini could never meet the larger-than-expected demand for the system, with many units being snapped up and then sold on eBay.

Here's everything you need to know about the SNES Classic, including confirmed SNES Classic games, SNES Classic specs and whether you can still pre-order one for yourself in the UK.

SNES Classic games list

The micro-console will launch with 21 games pre-loaded onto the system.

Here's the full list of games included with the European and North American editions of the SNES Classic:

The original SNES console (PAL edition).

The pre-loaded games include the never before released Star Fox 2. The game was apparently scrapped by Nintendo due to the imminent release of the Nintendo 64 and producer Miyamoto's desire for a 'clean' break between 3D games on the SNES and the Nintendo 64. To unlock Star Fox 2, you will have to complete the first level of the original Star Fox.

The US, Australian and European editions of the SNES Classic will have the same list of games. However, the Japanese edition of the console has a different line-up of games from its US and European cousins.

The Japanese SNES Classic games line-up exclusively includes:

Whereas these five games are exclusive to the European and North American editions:

  • Earthbound
  • Kirby's Dream Course
  • Street Fighter 2' Turbo: Hyper Fighting
  • Super Castlevania 4
  • Super Punch-Out!!

Finally, regardless of region, all systems have several unique features when playing games. The headline is the ability to rewind gameplay - from seconds to minutes, depending on the title - as well as play in various display options and frames, as seen here:

SNES Classic controllers and specs

What does the SNES Classic look like?

There are different designs for the SNES Classic, depending on your region.

Let's be honest, the European version is the nicest. The European SNES Classic has a white and grey colour scheme, with the controller featuring the signature red, yellow, green and blue buttons. The European edition has rounded edges and a daintier appearance. This is the same design those in Australia and Japan will receive.

The SNES Classic design available for Europe, Australia and Japan.

Those in the US will receive a different design altogether. The US version has a white, grey and purple colour scheme and has a much more rigid box-like shape.

The SNES Classic design available for North America.

Though the Japanese design is the same as the European version, the box is much more colourful and inviting.

The box design for Japan's SNES Classic AKA Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Famicom.

What's included with the SNES Classic?

Included with the SNES Classic is one HDMI cable, one USB power cable and two wired SNES Classic controllers. However, for anyone outside of North America, an AC adapter for the USB cable, required to power the console, is not included and must be purchased separately. The console can easily connect to your TV using the HDMI cable.

The AC adapter for the USB cable must be bought separately.

SNES Classic Controller and cable length

On first sight the SNES Classic appears to feature the original SNES' seven-pin controller ports on the front, but this feature is merely for show. A panel pops off each of the pretend ports to reveal two Wii controller ports into which you can plug your SNES Classic controllers. There's no official word, as of yet, whether or not a Wii controller can be used with the console.

Luckily the cable for the controllers is now five foot long, as opposed to the frustratingly short two foot long cables on the original. The controllers also appear to be roughly the same size as the original, with the console itself being small enough to fit in your hand.

Will PAL units run at their original 50Hz?

The PAL units (Europe/Australia/New Zealand) will be running the US 60Hz versions, rather than their original 50Hz versions. Back in the 90's, PAL consoles ran at 50Hz, rather than the 60Hz used by North America and Japan. This means PAL consoles ran slower than their North American and Japanese counterparts. With the SNES Classic running at 60Hz, the games will be running at full optimisation and maximum speed.

Here's a video by VICIOGAME Retro Games showing the side-by-side comparisons with Super Mario World:

Are cartridges needed?

There's no need for cartridges, as all 21 games are pre-loaded onto the system. So there's no need to blow into a cartridge for ten minutes hoping your game will work.

SNES Classic UK pre-orders and release date

The SNES Classic will be released in Europe and the US on 29th September. Those in Australia will have to wait an extra day as it is not released until 30th September, while those in Japan will have to wait the longest, with the microconsole not due for release until 5th October.

Due to high demand, some retailers have hiked up their prices, but here are the official retail prices:

  • UK - £69.99
  • US - $79.99
  • Australia - $119.95
  • Rest of Europe - $79.99 (TBC)
  • Japan - ¥7,980

As can be expected, scalpers were selling the SNES Classic for extortionate prices (as high as £300). This resulted in Amazon UK limiting orders of more than one SNES Classic. However, eBay have been pulling any listings for the console, with an eBay representative telling Eurogamer, "We will remove listings for pre-release items and accessories if the release date of the item is more than 30 days away".

Scalpers were trying to sell the SNES Classic with a huge markup in price.

How quickly did the SNES Classic sell out?

On the day the SNES Classic was officially announced, several retailers had pre-orders available but quickly ran out. Amazon UK was selling the coveted console for £79.99 (Prime members paid £77.99), GAME.co.uk was selling it for £79.99 and Smyth's had the lowest price of £69.99.

Amazon UK's SNES Classic stock allocation ran out in minutes and, by the following morning, Smyths and GAME.co.uk had ran out too. However, GAME was still allowing pre-orders in store, as long as customers signed up for for a £10 deposit and a free reward card. This deposit was later raised to £50.

The day after the announcement, Nintendo's official UK store put pre-orders live on its site at a lower price of £69.99 but stock sold out in 23 minutes.

Is the SNES Classic still available for pre-order in the UK?

Unfortunately, SNES Classics are still sold out in the UK. There is no word, as of yet, whether any more stock will be available before the consoles release. If you weren't lucky enough to pre-order a console before stock ran out then you could be waiting until its official release date.

Where to pre-order

Just in case the SNES Classic comes back into stock before its release, here's a handy list of websites you may be able to pre-order from.

Where to pre-order a Super Nintendo Classic in the UK:

Where to pre-order a Super Nintendo Classic in the US:

Is the SNES Classic available for pre-order anywhere else?

The rest of Europe seems to still be sold out of pre-orders.

In the US pre-orders still aren't available, over a month after the console was announced. It did look like Walmart may be the first US retailer to take pre-orders when it's pre-orders site went live and started taking orders, over two weeks ago. After selling out in minutes, customers received an email to say their order had been cancelled as a 'technical glitch' meant the pre-order accidentally went live.

There's no word yet when US pre-orders will be available and, unfortunately, those in the US are unable to pre-order from UK sites.

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