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Smash Bros. Melee credits finally completed after 20 years, following offer of $3k reward

It's due.

20 years later, someone has at last completed the Super Smash Bros. Melee end credits. (No, they're not that long.)

For anyone unfamiliar with Nintendo's classic brawler, Melee's credits are presented as a lightgun-style shooter experience. Points are awarded for the number of names hit, with 190 targets to hit in total.

Until now, no-one has been recorded successfully shooting all 190 names and logos - but there's recently been a race to be the first, after Smash fan Nathaniel Bandy offered a $3000 bounty to encourage someone to finally complete the challenge.

As reported by Polygon, the challenge has now been completed. Melee superfan Martin Zarate spent 50 hours practicing for the feat after seeing the cash up for grabs.

Here's a recording of his world record run, along with video evidence of him performing the feat on a GameCube pad. Some of the names require splitsecond reactions and it's not until the final 190 total pops up on screen that Zarate reacts, knowing his legacy - and $3k - is secure.

A student, Zarate says the money will be spent on his tuition fees as he works to become a national park ranger.

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