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Skybound city builder Airborne Kingdom adds expansive New Game+ mode

Fresh world! Scarcer resources! More randomisation!

Developer The Wandering Band's striking skybound city builder Airborne Kingdom - which Eurogamer quite enjoyed when it launched last year - is giving players the perfect excuse to return to the clouds in the form of a New Game+ mode, available now on PC and Mac.

Airborne Kingdom's New Game+ mode, available after finishing the original campaign, adds a whole bunch of new wrinkles to the core formula, intended to "change the playstyle of every...player who thinks they've fully conquered the skies".

To that end, New Game+ introduces a fresh map with scarcer resources and quests that are spread further apart - meaning players will need to carefully plan their floating metropolis' route around the world to avoid mishaps such as running out of fuel.

Airborne Kingdom - New Game+ Mode.

Players can also expect new town centres promising "additional comfort, efficiency, or searching", alongside a greater variety of randomised elements to make each New Game+ run-through more unpredictable. "Quests, kingdom placement, and even your starting placement can be vastly different", explains The Wandering Band. And for true masochists, New Game+ also features its own Hard mode.

Airborne Kingdom's free New Game+ update is available now via the Epic Games Store.

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Airborne Kingdom


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