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Sky partnering with Microsoft on new Kinect-like camera

Didn't expect to see you again.

The spirit of Kinect is being revived by Sky and moulded into the new - yet very familiar-looking - Sky Glass Camera, for release next year.

Sky is even partnering with Microsoft on the device's software, which will let you sync your TV with others to watch films, sport and telly shows in a group while video and text chatting (thanks, The Verge). It's like Snap never left.

Any excuse to surface this video, honestly.

If that's not Kinect-like enough, the camera will also offer the gestures controls for your TV apps, and even let you play games like Fruit Ninja - which, of course, also had a Kinect version.

Then there's the look of the thing. To be clear, this is Sky's new TV smart camera and not the original Kinect - however close it may appear:

Privacy shield, engage.

The announcement today came as part of a big unveiling for Sky Glass, the company's new range of TVs which will have Sky built in, so there's no need for a dish or set-top box.

During its announcement presentation, Sky also emphasised the use of voice controls with Sky Glass - including the ability to say "Sky, Xbox" to switch to your Xbox console input.

While the Sky Glass sets are available to pre-register for now, there's no word when exactly Sky Glass Camera will debut. But, just as Kinect did to you, it's one worth keeping an eye on.


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