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Singles dev's new snog-'em-up

Kiss Before Midnight unveiled.

Valentine's Day may have been and gone, but that hasn't stopped German publisher dtp sidling up to us like the woman in the pub last night who thought we were drug dealers, announcing that it wants to give us a Kiss Before Midnight.

Fortunately their proposal comes in the shape of a new PC game, in which players embark on romantic adventures in Paris, trying to win the heart of their male or female counterpart. "Macho men, beautiful women, wallflowers and sultry vamps," the publisher insists, will all be available to woo.

It's all being put together by RotoBee, the developer behind Sims "tribute" Singles, and promises a story mode made up of several episodes that fondle their way through intricately interwoven, but open-ended tales of romance, dates and probably managing a "turn-on" meter. Specifics are a bit thin on the ground, but you can probably imagine the gist of it.

If not, then you'll be able to clap your eyes on it in Q3 2007 when it arrives in German-speaking territories. No word on a release in English lands (or France for that matter), but Singles made it so there's every chance. Bon.

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