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SimBin announces new GTR for 2011

Back to its roots, online features, DLC.

Swedish racing game studio SimBin has announced that work is underway on a new game in its GTR series.

The racer is due out in 2011, although the developer hasn't said which platforms it is targeting, and a publisher has not been confirmed.

What we do know, however, is that the new game "will take gamers back to the roots of SimBin style racing games", and will offer a "significant step up in both realism, visuals, and sheer immersion".

The studio also said to expect "innovative online features and activities, in addition to a very comprehensive DLC plan".

SimBin certainly has the experience to pull it off, having produced GTR games and variations for several years, most of which are excellent. Check out our reviews of GTR (2005), GT Legends (later in 2005), GTR 2 (2006), RACE 07 (2007), GTR Evolution (2008), Xbox 360 spin-off RACE Pro (2009) and RACE On (also 2009) for more on the PC-focused simulation series.

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