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Silence of the Sleep is a beautiful horror adventure made by one guy

Features hand-drawn art, puzzles, and no shooting.

24 year old Finnish bloke Jesse Makkonen has been rather busy the last nine months as he's single-handedly created the first 65 per cent of his debut game, a minimalist 2D horror adventure called Silence of the Sleep.

Looking a bit like a hand-drawn Lone Survivor, Silence of the Sleep puts players in the silhouetted shoes of a suicidal man who awakens in a nightmarish world with no memory where he's pursued by monsters as he tries to sort out what brought him to this place.

Based on its Steam Greenlight trailer, it's rather striking visually, and that music is effectively haunting as well.

Makkonen stressed on the game's Steam Greenlight page that he wants Silence of the Sleep to have a minimalist interface with no hand-holding and challenging puzzles. There won't be any combat in the game and Makkonen said that he wants to try out a variety of atmospheres and mechanics, so it won't all be doom-and-gloom and key-fetching. "I'm trying to bring new mechanics the further you get in the game so the game won't feel repetitive," he explained. "Also the mood changes a lot."

Given how story-focused Silence of the Sleep will be, it's hard to gauge how the game will turn out, but the early videos show a lot of promise. Check out three-and-a-half minutes of gameplay footage below.

Silence of the Sleep is due this October on PC.

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