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This shotgun glitch is preventing players from reloading in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Slug life.

A shotgun reloading glitch is causing issues for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players.

As spotted by Dotesports, a new bug with the reloading animation is preventing players from replenishing their shotguns, leaving them vulnerable to attack and unable to reload.

This player shared a clip on the official Modern Warfare subreddit, showing the glitch in the midst of an Infected match on Rust. This one shows the glitch plaguing the same shotgun and in the same circumstances, but in a Gunfight match this time.

It's currently unclear what platforms are affected and if the animation loop is also preventing players from switching weapons, but even though players can use up whatever ammo remains in the clip, that's all you'll have - the gun steadfastly refuses to reload any more.

"I believe it's a glitch with slugs on that shotgun," opined one Redditor. "On Survival spec ops I tried putting slug in and it wouldn't let me reload. As soon as I swapped to tube extension it started to actually load bullets. I just had the first barrel, sleight of hand, and slugs," but another replied: "I've had this happen a couple [of] times with regular shot as well so it's definitely not just the slugs."

Right now there doesn't seem to be a definitive cause, nor a solution, and there's no sign of it on Infinity Ward's public Trello Board.

In vaguely-related news, Carl Riemer - who's best known for his Call of Duty trickshots - was midway through a stream this week when he accidentally discharged a fully-loaded Glock, resulting in a Twitch suspension and being booted out from esports organisation, SoaR.

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