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Shadowrun Returns release date set at 25th July

Later than expected but finished properly.

We'd been told to expect a Shadowrun Returns release in June but now the date has been pushed back and set officially as 25th July.

Ooh a poster!

"We know we've been saying June for some time, but now that we've reached this final stage of development, and although our Kickstarter funding was spent some time ago, we've decided to invest additional time in bug fixing and polishing the game," explained developer Hairbrained Schemes. "That means a longer crunch period for a tired team, but everyone agrees that it's worth it.

"One of the most common pieces of Backer feedback we've received over the past year is that we should take the time we need to ship this game. We really appreciate that, and we know we've thanked you already about a hundred times, but we're doing it again because we mean it. Thanks.

"You gifted us with your trust as well as your funding and we take that responsibility very seriously. You gave us the opportunity to contribute to something bigger than ourselves and something we think is worth all the time, sacrifice, and hard work. Soon, we'll give it all back to you."

Shadowrun Returns is a Unity-powered reinvention of the old and popular SNES RPG that was based on the Shadowrun PnP game. It's due out on PC (Windows and Linux), Mac and tablets (Android and iOS). A level editor is thrown in.

The Backer community is already off to a flying start with that editor. One Let's Player made their own level to video - that video is embedded below.

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Shadowrun Returns

Android, iOS, PC, Mac

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