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Shadowbane dev's new game

MMO based on original IP.

Stray Bullet Games, founded by key members of Shadowbane developer Wolfpack Studios, has announced that it's working on a new massively-multiplayer online game.

Details on its website suggest that, while similar in some senses to Shadowbane, the new game will be will be based on original intellectual property; something unique and "timeless".

Giant monkey-man fights weakling human squishy bones.

"With this new project, Stray Bullet is committed to creating a fully-realised, ongoing online conflict that combines furious action with tactical and strategic gameplay. In the game to come characters, guilds, and global factions will engage in meaningful, exciting, and fun mass combat."

More importantly, Stray Bullet wants to keep it simple. By licensing an undisclosed game engine and relying upon familiar, accessible gameplay mechanics, it hopes this design process won't be buried under its ambition.

Creative director Mike Madden explains that it has "two guiding principles: Rely upon the familiar and Be bold."

There's no mention of a release date, or which platforms it will appear on, although the PC is a safe bet. Whether Ubisoft will publish this as it did Shadowbane is also a mystery.

Anyway, until you know more, you can ogle at the one piece of concept artwork released for the game.

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