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SFII Turbo on PAL VC

Along with Metroid NES.

Street Fighter II' Turbo: Hyper Fighting heads up this week's European Virtual Console update, joining the ranks of SNES titles by demanding 800 Wii points for the pleasure of its company. Its little brother, regular SFII, is already available.

Also on the VC this week is the original NES version of Metroid, at 500 Wii points. It's the first of Samus' excellent adventures to appear on Nintendo's downloadable service. Look out for the latest of our Virtual Console Roundups to see how it's aged.

And, finally, there's Silent Debuggers for TurboGrafx-16 at 600 Wii points. Not one I'm familiar with, if I'm honest, but Wikipedia declares that it's another Data East title and a first-person shooter, no less, in which players explore a cargo station in search of treasure. The overall goal is to "debug" a computer to turn off the self-destruct sequence that otherwise dooms you.

For this week's US Virtual Console update, make sho-ryu-ken you look through the blue words.

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