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Server mergers are "on the horizon" for Amazon's New World

The team is also introducing outfits that have "a more feminine or masculine look".

Server merges are "on the horizon" for Amazon's MMO, New World.

In a lengthy update on the official forum, community manager Luxendra explained that while there were plans to introduce mergers, "there are a few action items that need to be addressed" before the team can be "confident that merging worlds will be a net positive experience for our players".

"We need to test our technology. We had tested world merges in Closed Beta which caused a persistence issue that has since been resolved, and we continue to test merges with our team and non-public worlds," the post explained, adding that any changes will first be tested in The Public Test Realm from tomorrow (Monday) morning.

That's not all, either. Along with details of region and server transfers, as well as issues with Luck and the inability to declare war, the update also discussed representation and character design.

"Looking ahead we intend to continue adding more outfit variety both in cultural and narrative driven looks; some more grounded, historical and functional while others may feel more whimsical or supernatural in nature," New World's community manager explained in the post.

"Finding that balance is something we continue to experiment with for each outfit. Artistically we gravitate towards making a dramatic statement rather than risk being too safe in our designs. This approach may result in a few elements that feel outlandish to some but often will land us in a much more evocative and interesting visual space that we hope feels unique."

The post further added that the team intends to add outfits that have "a more feminine or masculine look that can be worn by all body types", as well as expand the available options for players to customise their characters.

ICYMI, last week Amazon said it would take "remediation steps" against New World players who "egregiously exploited" the recent coin duplication bug.

Players of the MMO found a coin/item dupe bug when player trading and, as you'd expect, exploited it. Amazon was then forced to disable trades in the short-term as it worked on a fix.

"It was not a decision that was made lightly, but we feel the ability to trade and improve settlements is an important, and fun aspect of our game we aim to preserve," community manager Luxendra wrote in a forum post at the time. "We have permanently banned players who exploited the coin/item dupe issue."

Despite hitting an impressive all-time concurrent peak of just shy of a million players on 3rd October, New World has seemingly lost more than half its playerbase just a month after its launch on PC.

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