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Sega's mystery mobile RPG is Sin Chronicle

Sit your but down.

Sega has unveiled its mystery mobile RPG.

The game Sega teased last month (and subsequently pilloried on YouTube for being a mobile game) is called Sin Chronicle, and it's set for iOS and Android on 15th December in Japan. A western release has yet to be announced.

The trailer is below:

According to Gematsu, Sin Chronicle is a single-player "choose your own ending RPG" from the team behind Sega's Chain Chronicle series.

The choose your own ending aspect revolves around the two choices players have to choose from at the end of each chapter. You decide who will live and who will die - and there are supposedly no do-overs.

Apparently the idea is to share your story outcome with the world on Twitter, with each player's experience connecting to form a larger story.

Elsewhere, there are fields to roam, and turn-based combat.

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Sin Chronicle

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