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SEGA's 6th April VC line-up

Thor blimey, Vectoring in, etc.

The European version of Virtual Console is just days away from another burst of content (look for details on Friday), but SEGA is already looking further ahead, revealing that it plans to release Sonic Spinball, Vectorman and The Story of Thor on 6th April. All will go for 800 Wii points, the service standard for Mega Drive titles.

The Story of Thor may be ringing recent bells in your head, and that's because it's also known as "Oasis Beyond" in the US, where it was added to the Virtual Console line-up this past Monday. In it, you play as a young prince who is on a quest to accumulate spiritual powers as part of an action-orientated RPG set-up. Vectorman, meanwhile, uses 3D models for its 2D platforming, and involves morphing into trains, drills, fish and even a dune buggy to get your way. Sonic Spinball, finally, is a Sonic pinball game. We don't like to talk about it here.

What we do like to do is point people at SEGA Mega Drive Collection for PS2 and PSP, wherein you can also play Vectorman, and indeed its sequel, along with a host of their well-emulated stable-mates. Sadly there's no Thor there, but on the plus side there's no Sonic Spinball either. If you'd rather buy around 30 games for a few quid instead of spending around six quid for a single VC game, SMDC is your friend.

Anyway, look out for more discouraging words on all of the above come 6th April.

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