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SEGA working on Iron Man 2 game

Due out next year with film.

SEGA has announced that it is working on a videogame version of Iron Man 2 for multiple platforms.

The game will be released in 2010 alongside Marvel Studios' latest Robert Downey Jr. vehicle (and whoever thought that would be anything other than a DEA van?).

There's no word on a specific release date, but the film's out on 7th May 2010, so our money's on the nearest Friday to that.

SEGA of America president Simon Jeffery said the developer, SEGA Studios San Francisco, is "collaborating closely" with Marvel.

However, specific platforms and gameplay details were not discussed, other than to say the engine has been refined.

Probably a good thing, as the first Iron Man game was a bit limp. We remain optimistic though - there must be a good comic-to-film game one day.

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Iron Man 2

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