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See the unreleased South Park game discovered on an Xbox debug

No longer trapped in the closet.

An unfinished and forgotten South Park game has been unearthed on an original Xbox debug.

The debug console, designed to run unfinished game code for testers and press demos, had a working version of the South Park game installed on it at some point.

Originally discovered by Nintendo Age forum mod qixmaster back in August, the build has now been given a thorough investigation by HappyConsoleGamer (thanks, Kotaku).

The game code is early and broken, but much of the its open world lies intact. It looks like the title was designed to be a South Park version of The Simpsons Hit 'N Run, which was itself a cartoony take on Grand Theft Auto.

Other less-complete sections showcase systems not yet built into the main game. For example, there's fighting system test room which features an area where Cartman can punch wild dogs.

The build is apparently the work of Buzz Monkey Games, a small Oregon-based studio which was later gobbled up by Zynga and rebranded as Zynga Eugene.

Watch footage below:

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South Park: The Stick of Truth

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