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Second Halo Wars 2 beta planned for early 2017

On both PC and Xbox One.

There will be a second Halo Wars 2 beta, Microsoft has said.

In a post on Xbox Wire, 343 Industries' Dan Ayoub said the second beta will run early 2017 for both Windows 10 PC and Xbox One. The first beta was Xbox One only.

The Xbox Wire post goes into detail on the changes the developers at 343 and Creative Assembly are making to the real-time strategy game in response to feedback from the first beta.

Chief among them is a higher unit population count, better controls and tuned Leader Powers.

Ayoub added that while the first beta showcased just two multiplayer modes, the launch game includes a range of modes, from those designed to run into hours to modes you can play in five minutes.

Edwin played the first Halo Wars 2 beta and found it "too cautious and too clumsy", so it's good to hear 343 is changing the game ahead of release.

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