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Sea of Thieves' latest charity sails are raising money for No Kid Hungry

And its Halloween event is now in full swing.

Swashbuckling pirates with a generous disposition will soon have another opportunity to simultaneously tart up their ships and donate to a good cause as part of Sea of Thieves' latest charity event, this time in aid of No Kid Hungry.

No Kid Hungry is a campaign run by US nonprofit organisation Share Our Strength and is dedicated to solving problems of hunger and poverty in the United States and around the world, with a particular focus on children.

Sea of Thieves players will be able to support the charity by purchasing the rather fetching time-limited Sails of Sharing from the in-game Pirate Emporium between 16th October and 10th November. Rare says all proceeds will got to No Kid Hungry, and it's also hosting a 24-hour charity stream starting at 5pm BST on Saturday, 16th October, in support of the campaign.

Sea of Thieves - Sails of Sharing Trailer.

Those looking for more sinister opportunities out on the waves can currently participate in Sea of Thieves' Halloween event, Fury of the Damned, which this year runs until 4th November and offers up a chance to earn a selection of appropriately creepy cosmetics.

By performing various supernaturally hued tasks around the world - from gathering Flames of Fate to defeating skeleton ships - players can earn the points needed to unlock the Wicked Web tankard, blunderbuss, and cannons. There's also a community challenge which sees pirates working toward a collective target in order to unlock two Wicked Web figurehead variants - although entry to this event first requires players to defeat a trivial ten skeletons.

Events, Accessibility and a Charitable Collaboration: Sea of Thieves News.

Sea of Thieves' Halloween celebrations continue over in the Pirate Emporium with a selection of sinister (and exceedingly striking) premium cosmetics. There's the Crimson Crypt costume, weapon bundle, tankard, and ship collection, plus the fearsome Diabolical Dog pet, the Halloween Hijinks emotes set (plus a free Spooked emote), and the return of the game's time-limited skeleton pets. All these additions get an airing around the 3:50 mark in the video above.

All these happenings occur in the midst of Sea of Thieves' world-expanding fourth season, which takes players deep beneath the waves to explore six new underwater dungeons and arenas as part of the Sirens' beautifully melancholy Sunken Kingdom.

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