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Sea of Thieves is Microsoft's fastest-selling new IP of the Xbox One generation

ReCore breaker.

Rare's jolly old pirate game Sea of Thieves has become Microsoft's fastest-selling new IP of the Xbox One generation, and is already the best-selling Microsoft Studios game on Windows 10. More than a million people played on launch day, and more than 2 million in launch week.

There's a bit of confusion surrounding the wording on Xbox News Wire, where Sea of Thieves is labelled "the fastest-selling first-party new IP of this generation". This suggests Sea of Thieves holds the title across all platforms, which in turn means it outsold Sony's best-selling first-party new IP Horizon: Zero Dawn, which has done incredibly well.

But Microsoft exec Aaron Greenberg used different wording to announce the news on Twitter. He called Sea of Thieves "our most successful IP of this generation", suggesting the claim relates only to Microsoft's games. This makes sense, not least because a large chunk of Sea of Thieves' players presumably come via Xbox Game Pass, where the full game can be accessed for £8 a month. I doubt a Game Pass player counts as a Sea of Thieves sale. Or sail. Yo ho ho!

Nevertheless it's a remarkable story of success for British studio Rare, which was once lost in the wilderness of developing Kinect games.

We called Sea of Thieves "a Rare treasure" in our review, and we have a bountiful booty of Sea of Thieves tips and tricks to get you up and sailing in no time.

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Sea of Thieves

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