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Sea of Thieves-in-the-sky game Worlds Adrift launching in Early Access soon

DIY yard.

The ambitious new multiplayer sky-ships game Worlds Adrift, from Surgeon Simulator developer Bossa Studios, will launch in Steam Early Access 17th May, and cost £19.50/€23/$25.

Worlds Adrift grew out of a game jam four years ago. Back then, Bossa was small and the idea was big: let players build their own flying ships to explore a vast fantasy world of floating islands. But steadily, with investment and expansion - and use of Improbable's much talked about but not yet publicly proven SpatialOS engine - Worlds Adrift was made.

The original idea for Worlds Adrift was to procedurally generate a limitless world - an idea conceived when No Man's Sky and procedural generation were buzzing. But somewhere along the line Bossa changed its mind, perhaps wisely, and now Worlds Adrift boasts a world created by players, courtesy of an Island Creator tool. Bossa calls it "the world's first community-crafted MMO".

Worlds Adrift has been in closed testing for about a year now so it won't be green when it opens up in May. And its arrival couldn't be better timed to mop up some residual or perhaps lapsed excitement around a game it is quite similar to: Sea of Thieves.

Building flying ships and exploring your way - alone or with friends - around a whimsical uncharted sky is very much the game in Worlds Adrift. You may come across friendly other players or you may come across those who want to blast you to smithereens.

But Worlds Adrift is much more sandbox than Sea of Thieves, with no quest givers I know of. Rather, it has a world with resources where your creativity at the shipyard is key. Oh and you get a grappling hook and freeform climbing system for traversing the islands around you.

It's a big bet for Bossa and it's a flag-waver for SpatialOS. May 17th will be a big day.

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