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Scarface crowned sweariest game ever

Guinness rounds up new gaming records.

Potty-mouthed PlayStation 2 movie tie-in Scarface contains more swear words than any other videogame, according to Guinness World Records: 2011 Gamer's Edition.

Some poor soul at Guinness HQ sat down and counted a total of over 5000 expletives in Radical Entertainment's 2006 game adaptation of the notoriously rude Al Pacino mobster flick.

The latest edition of Guinness' annual gaming enchiridion, in shops today priced at £14.99, also details 'Most people to sing to a karaoke videogame' (10,490), 'Youngest gamer to achieve a perfect AAA score on Dance Dance Revolution' (9 year-old Ryota Wada), 'Oldest voice actor in a videogame' (87 year-old Brit thespian Christopher Lee) and 'Most perfect games on Wii Sports bowling' (2,850), among many records.

Not only that but the book features the results of a Guinness poll of 13,000 gamers to ascertain the world's most popular game character, with Mario beating out Link and Masterchief for the no-doubt coveted gong.

However, the most eyebrow-raising record featured is surely 'Most Eurogamer journos risking a stern dressing down from HR for shilling themselves out for a bit of extra cash on the side'.

Yes, both EG deputy editor Ellie Gibson and news shot-caller Wesley Yin-Poole shamelessly moonlight, taking responsibility for the book's Party Games and RPG sections respectively.

Take a close look at the video below. You can almost see the pound signs ringing in Ellie's eyes, no?

The book's editor, Gaz Deaves, commented, "It's been another great year for gaming, with incredible records broken by players from all walks of life. Gaming has become a hugely important part of popular culture and this year's Gamer's Edition reflects just that."

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