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Save up to 50 per cent on Razer's Ornata V2 mechanical-membrane keyboard

Complete with a volume dial.

Although there are dozens and dozens of excellent gaming keyboards to choose from, very few have soft, quiet keys that also provide great tactile feel.

Thankfully, Razer have a keyboard for the rest of us. The Ornata V2 is currently on sale at nearly half price from Amazon, and available for just £54.99. And US gamers don't miss out either, as Amazon US have it on sale too for $54.99.

This hybrid mechanical-membrane keyboard has both the clicky sound of a solid gaming keyboard while also having cushioned presses that you'd find in ergonomic or laptop keys. It also has everything you'd expect from reliable gaming keyboards, such as RGB lighting that's completely customisable, and fully programmable keys (and macros) to suit different profiles whether it's work or play, or for different games.

But some great ergonomic choices have been made in the design here too, like the inclusion of quick access media keys and a scroll dial that can be used either for volume, scrolling web pages or something entirely unique to you. The keyboard even has a detachable wrist rest, to ensure you avoid wrist strain during long typing and gaming sessions, but also avoid it taking space when travelling.

Some other features include three different ways to route the cable from the keyboard, a durable construction and a two-year warranty, although Razer are known to make great quality accessories.

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