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Save over £30 on Razer's BlackWidow V3 mechanical gaming keyboard

Green switches and RGB lighting included.

Razer make a wide variety of gaming keyboards and mice but the BlackWidow V3 is one of their premium offerings. It's packed with features to deliver both style and substance that's unusual at this price point, and it's currently available for just £108.99 from Amazon. That's over £30 off its usual price making it quite the deal.

The green switches offer a great tactile but comfortable typing experience and there's a multi-function roller which can be used for scrollling web pages or adjusting the volume, whatever floats your boat. The keyboard has doubleshot ABS keys, meaning they're coated to last longer. Having a durable keyboard and not worrying about the letters rubbing off quickly sounds like an obvious solution to cheaper key caps.

There's also RGB chroma lighting packed here, so you can put on a show to jazz up your gaming setup. However, Razer's added care and thought to actually using the BlackWidow keyboard. This includes the ability to route the USB-C cable out of different parts of the keyboard, as well as an included keyboard rest. What's better is that the rest is made out of soft leather-like texture and just aligns up to the bottom of the keyboard. This at least gives you the option to use it as you wish and take up extra space if required, as some gaming keyboards either don't provide one or ruin their design when the included rest is detached.

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