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Save big on LGBTQ+ titles with Humble's Season of Pride sale

Including Celeste and the Life is Strange series.

With Pride month in full swing, many publishers and digital storefronts are making it known the work they've produced that features LGBTQ+ themes, characters and storylines.

Humble has been a reliable retailer for years, and this week they have a Season of Pride sale, with big discounts on games featuring LGBTQ+ characters and those supportive of Pride. Even better is that a portion of the sales proceeds will help fund the Trevor Project, an American non-profit that helps young LGBTQ+ people struggling with mental health issues.

There are some generous discounts here, most notably the ultimate edition of Life is Strange: True Colours available for just £42.24. This edition also includes the remastered Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm games. There's also the delightful speed-running platformer Celeste, which is on sale for only £3.74. Another notable game is the critically-acclaimed adventure Outer Wilds, available for £11.69.

Humble sale:

The full selection is available here, and many games are multiplatform titles, with all of them being offered as Steam library additions.

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