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Sam & Max Episodes named

Three more detected.

The names of the next three Sam & Max crime capers have emerged on the Telltale Games website.

Episode 3 - "The Mole, the Mob, and the Meatball" - will be available across North America, via GameTap, on 25th January; everyone else will have to wait until 8th February, when the game becomes available from the Telltale store.

The third game challenges the daring duo to go undercover at the Ted. E Bear Mafia-Free Playland and Casino, in search of a missing police informant. To find the mole, dog and rabbit will have to pose as members of the Toy Mafia, presumably covering themselves in meatballs along the way.

Episode 4, "Abe Lincoln Must Die", and episode 5, "Reality 2.0", will follow later this year. The climax of the six-part series is yet to be named, but we're promised an "out of this world" finale from a truly insidious and challenging foe.

Each instalment will cost you just GBP 4.55, EUR 6.93, or you can purchase the entire set for 18 quid, or 27 Euro-bob.

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