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Saints Row 3 multiplayer scaled back

First gameplay and plot details.

THQ has ditched competitive multiplayer for forthcoming open-world crime epic Saints Row: The Third, so says Game Informer.

However, according to information gleaned from the latest issue of the magazine by the kind people over at GameFAQs, you'll still be able to hook up for co-operative play.

Game Informer's reveal threw up plenty more information on top of that. The game opens with the Third Street Saints trying to rob a bank. The heist is botched however, and you find yourself held captive in a jet by rival gang and the the bank's owner, The Syndicate.

Along with familiar faces Johnny Gat and Shaundi, you fight your way free, jump out of the jet and then proceed to blow it to pieces mid air, duly dodging debris on your way to the ground.

You land in the city of Steelport where the game proper kicks off. You'll be vying for control of the faded metropolis against four opposing forces.

Morning Star are your textbook be-suited Euro-villains, packing sniper rifles and SMGs as standard.

The Luchadores are beefy mask-wearing drug dealers who prefer close-range combat and heavy weaponry.

The Deckers are hi-tech egg heads that deal with security and money laundering, while the STAG Unit (Special Tactical Anti Gang Unit) represent the strong arm of the law, trying to rid the streets of all gang activity.

New features include the ability to upgrade weaponry. For example, as you progress you'll be able to add sniper scopes or under-barrel rocket launchers to your assault rifle.

Another improvement sees the L1 or LB button speed up your actions, so no more tedious car hijacking animations.

There's a host of cool new toys to play with too, such as a gizmo that lets you remotely control cars, planes and tanks. You'll also be able to call in air strikes and control predator drones.

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Saints Row: The Third

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