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Rumoured Dark Souls 2 PC graphics options revealed

Water quality! Model quality! High-quality character rendering!

The rumoured video settings for the PC version of Dark Souls 2.

An image of the graphics options available within the PC version of Dark Souls 2 has hit the internet.

The image (thanks Reddit) shows options to improve texture, shadow and effects quality, as well as toggles for antialiasing and motion blur.

Elsewhere, you can improve the water quality, model quality and enable high-quality character rendering.

While the "effects" option may affect the quality of the in-game lighting - a sore point for many players of the console version - there is no indication that lighting can be altered specifically.

Last month developer From Software responded to questions about the difference between the version of Dark Souls 2 shown in the world-exclusive gameplay reveal back in April 2013 and the game that came out, suggesting that "resource management" during development was to blame for decisions to strip things back.

The reveal footage showed a dramatically lit grey and gold world of rocky medieval splendour, and a castle interior that provided a stark contrast between light sources and shadow.

The retail version, by comparison, looks quite different - particularly the lighting, which is much less saturated and extreme. One comparison video below highlights the discrepancies between the Forest of Fallen Giants section of the original reveal and the respective section of the shipping game, which seems less detailed as well as less vibrantly illuminated.

Modder Durante, famous for improving the heavily-criticised PC version of Dark Souls, commented on the image in a post on NeoGAF.

"Those settings look very real," he said. "And almost exactly what I expected. Well, actually I didn't expect Model Quality and Water Surface Quality. Also nice to see a shadow quality setting, I never quite managed to improve shadow quality in DS (unlike Deadly Premonition where I managed to do that).

"Well done From (if true). I'd have liked more SSAO control than on and off, and higher quality AA options, but those aren't generally that hard to fix."

Dark Souls 2 on PC launches on 25th April, so we should get confirmation on the image soon.

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