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Rumour: TimeShift dev remaking Halo 1

Reportedly has online co-op.

The heavily rumoured Halo: Combat Evolved HD remake is being created by TimeShift developer Saber Interactive, according to a new report.

Contrary to previous reports, the game is not being made with the Halo: Reach engine, Joystiq claims.

It will, however, feature a full visual overhaul, with new art assets. The audio "will likely remain unaltered" and the controls will allow for more recent Halo configurations.

Online co-op will feature (the original supported two-player split-screen co-op).

The Halo: Combat Evolved update is said to be one of two Halo games currently in development under the guidance of Microsoft's internal Halo studio 343 industries. What could the other one be?

According to Joystiq the game will launch on 15th November 2011, 10 years after Halo: Combat Evolved launched on the Xbox.

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