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Ruffian Games returns with co-op action game Hollowpoint

First PS4 game in Sony's partnership with Paradox.

Scotland's Ruffian Games - developer of Crackdown 2 - has announced its new game: Hollowpoint, a co-op tactical action game for PS4.

Just announced at Sony's Gamescom conference, Hollowpoint is published by Paradox Interactive and will be the first fruits of its deal with Sony whereby all Paradox's games will appear on console first on PS4. Another Paradox game covered by this deal - Runemaster - was also announced, but nothing was shown of it beyond a logo.

Hollowpoint's short trailer showed a crisp-looking futuristic action game with a zoomed-out camera, not unlike Shadow Complex. It promised you would be able to lead a mercenary outfit, recruit and train characters and lead clandestine operations, either solo or in four-player co-op.

Presumably Hollowpoint will also appear in PC, and potentially on other platforms after its release on PS4.

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