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Rockstar's first Red Dead now on PlayStation 4

PS2 shooter Red Dead Revolver revived for £12.

You can now play a Red Dead game on your PlayStation 4 - but probably not the Red Dead game you want.

PS2 shooter Red Dead Revolver is downloadable from the PlayStation Store today priced £11.99.

This version of the game includes "full 1080p up-rendering" as well as Trophies and all the other things you would expect such as Shareplay and Remote Play.

But it is not Red Dead Redemption, the far more accomplished follow-up which graced the PS3 and Xbox 360, and is now one of the best games available on Xbox One via that console's free backwards compatibility programme.

Perhaps you're curious to see how the Red Dead series started? Fair enough, though don't expect to see much familiar with Redemption beyond each games' Wild West setting.

Looking to the future, a convincing leak has seemingly revealed the map for Red Dead Redemption's long-in-development sequel which Rockstar is absolutely working on right now but has yet to announce.

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Red Dead Redemption

PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch

Red Dead Revolver

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