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Rockstar fuels GTA Online's player-driven Alien War with free green and purple bodysuits

Harms dealer.

Last week, Rockstar gave all GTA Online players half a million virtual dollars. This week, it's giving away free alien suits.

Now, you may have wondered why Rockstar would make green and purple martian bodysuits, which normally cost $300,000, free in GTA Online all week long. Well, it's a nod to an ongoing player-driven war between those who wear green alien suits, and those who wear purple alien suits.


GTA Online's alien war has been raging for about a month now. It's hard to pin down the exact origins of the conflict, but it seems to have been driven by viral reddit and TikTok posts showing players wearing the green martian bodysuits ambushing unsuspecting plain-clothed players just for the laugh. Then purple aliens started popping up, fighting back against the green alien menace. Now, the idea, quite simply, is for players on each side of the war to beat the living crap out of each other. YouTuber ZacCoxTV has a nice explainer.

GTA Online's alien war has grown significantly over the last few weeks, with more players popping into the game to see what's what. There's even a move for a massive scrap at the airport on 15th May, when I suspect thousands of players will bite the dust.

The Official Alien War! May 15th! from r/GreenVSPurple

GTA Online is pretty tasty right now, then. And it's nice to see Rockstar support this player-driven war with free gubbins. Perhaps next it'll explain those mysterious UFOs in the game.

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