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Rocket League player count soars past 25m


Rocket League has over 25m registered players, developer Psyonix has announced.

Last we checked, in June, that number was around 15m.

Since its release in July 2015, over 1bn games have been played. The developer noted that 50 per cent of these were Competitive games, 33 per cent were Casual, six per cent were Private, and 11 per cent were Alternative modes.

Amusingly, Psyonix noted that 22,129,610,059 minutes of Rocket League have been collectively played, which is 42.1k years or 421 centuries. Just imagine what the world could have accomplished had Rocket League never been invented!

But we're glad it was, as it provided over 4k decades worth of joy. Our Chris Donlan recommended it and it even came out on top as Eurogamer's fourth favourite game of 2015.

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Rocket League

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