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Rock Band drums for PC

Clever man hacks it.

A clever Internet man has discovered how to get his new Xbox 360 Rock Band drum-kit working with Windows.

Apparently some of them, including PS3 ones, do automatically, which is nice of them, but others don't. Confusing things, drums. Anyway, Internet man has come up with a software solution.

To what end, you might ask? Well, at the end of his video demonstration, the blogger at dxprog.com says he hopes it will lead to cool stuff. So do we! Something like Frets on Fire but for drums would be ace.

So how does it work? We have no idea. We've read the blog post explanation a dozen times but he lost us as %XUSB21.DeviceName.Wired%=CC_Install.

Fortunately he's zipped it up into a simple downloadable file. For the full caboodle and the demo tape, pop along, and thanks to Internet fingermen at Rock, Paper, Shotgun for the pointer.

Rock Band is currently only available in the US and only in big old bundles for PS3 and 360. Dxprog's hacky-wacky is specific to the 360 version. The game, published by EA, is due out here in early 2008.

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Rock Band

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