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Rock Band 3 out globally in October

Updated with EA confirmation of UK date.

Update: EA has confirmed to Eurogamer that Rock Band 3 will be released on 29th October in the UK.

Original story: Rock Band 3 will ship simultaneously worldwide on Tuesday, 26th October, MTV and Harmonix have announced.

GameStop, Amazon and Wal-Mart are signed-up as the American retail pre-order partners. GameStop's got three downloadable songs to entice your loyalty, Amazon's got an in-game guitar and a $10 voucher and Wal-Mart's just got a $10 voucher.

The most eye-catching new feature of Rock Band 3 is the keyboard peripheral. Rock Band 3 has a Pro mode, too, that uses the six-stringed guitars to actually teach you to play the instrument.

Plus, bands can now be seven people strong, and there's a new goal-based story career story with drop-in, drop-out gameplay.

Rock Band 3 is in development for DS, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360.

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Rock Band 3

PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS

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