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River City Ransom sequel takes to Kickstarter

Not the same sequel that was announced two years ago.

Two years ago a handful of the original developers of River City Ransom announced that they were working on a sequel to the 1990 NES beat-'em-up/RPG hit. That project never came to fruition as developer Miracle Kidz put it on an indefinite hiatus in October 2012, but now the five-person mostly Canadian team Conatus Creative has purchased the license for the fan-favourite series and has launched a Kickstarter to create its own official sequel to the cult classic with River City Ransom: Underground.

This sequel sees now grown up River City heroes Alex and Ryan framed by the nefarious Slick and his gang, leading the two parties to duke in out in the violent ghetto that is River City.

River City Ransom: Underground will maintain the original game's non-linear structure and RPG progression system, and will support up to four-player co-op both offline and on (though online might not be available at launch).

The game is being developed for PC, but Conatus Creative said it would be interested in bringing it to Mac, Linux and various consoles, but it doesn't want to spread itself too thin at this stage. It also plans to launch a Steam Greenlight campaign when the title is further along in development.

Backers can secure a copy of the game upon its estimated September 2014 release by donating $15, or acquire four copies for $40.

So far the project has raised $23,074 of its $180,000 goal in a day. It has 29 days left until its 9th October deadline.

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