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Ridiculously charming wooden train set simulator Tracks just got a lovely new nighttime update

Fireworks! Fairy lights! Jack o' Lanterns!

Immeasurably charming wooden train set simulator Tracks has just received a new nighttime update which, if at all possible, makes it even more delightful.

Tracks is currently in early access and aims to offer up a genteel, locomotive-themed sandbox experience, based on the classic wooden train sets built by the likes of Brio. There are goals, but it's mostly about the simple pleasures of plopping down track, theming it up with the steadily expanding range of beautifully designed props and then pootling around in first-person, picking up passengers and yanking your whistle.

Tracks' lovely new nighttime update adds a bit more variety to the game as it currently stands, plunging your dainty train set designs into darkness. There's the obvious aesthetic appeal of seeing your wooden creations illuminated by the warming glow of streetlights and fairy-light-festooned trees, but developer Whoop Group has gone a step further.

Alongside a selection of new illuminated props - including seasonally appropriate Jack o' Lanterns - the nighttime update brings fireworks and music note blocks. The latter are little bells that can be lined along your tracks to play pleasant ditties of your own design as you gaily trundle by. Have a watch of the update trailer above.

Tracks has only been in Steam Early Access for about a month, so there's still plenty more to come. It's already a wonderfully relaxing way to spend a bit of downtime though, and quite a reasonable proposition at £6.99.

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Tracks - The Train Set Game

Xbox One, PC

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