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Riders Republic is free to try for 24 hours on PC tomorrow

And pre-loading is available now.

Riders Republic, Ubisoft's "mass multiplayer outdoor extreme sports" game and Steep spiritual successor, will be free to try for 24 hours starting tomorrow, 12th October, on PC.

Riders Republic, if you're unfamiliar, takes the open-world winter sports action of Steep and expands it out to feature a broader range of activities, encompassing skiing, snowboarding, biking, and wing suits (of the vanilla and jet-powered varieties) in both solo and competitive play - which, in the latter case, includes large-scale competitions for upward of 50 players.

All this unfolds on a map stitched together from seven iconic US national parks: Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Grand Teton, Mammoth Mountain, Sequoia Park, Yosemite Valley, and Zion.

Riders Republic - Year 1 Roadmap.

Tomorrow's PC free-play day is a little more substantial than the closed beta held in August, and will give participants the opportunity to try all five of Riders Republic's sports careers, both solo and competitively, across all of its multiplayer modes.

Mass Race is the big one, with new races for upward of 50 players randomly appearing on the map every 30 minutes. It's joined by Versus Mode, enabling players to challenge up to five friends in any career event, plus the 6v6 Tricks Battle (that sees teams trying to score the most points by performing tricks), plus Free for All, featuring playlist of events for up to 12 competitors. Riders Republic's lengthy tutorial won't be included, however, ensuring players can jump into the action as quickly as possible, given the brisk 24-hour availability period.

Riders Republic's free-play day is exclusive to Ubisoft Connect PC and runs from 8am BST tomorrow, 12th October, until 8am BST on 13th October. Pre-loading is available now, and the full game comes to PC, Xbox, and PlayStation on 28th October.

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Riders Republic

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