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New Riddick content "about 11 hours"

More than just an expansion.

Atari has said that Assault on Dark Athena, the new adventure built on top of Escape from Butcher Bay, lasts about 11 hours, is based on an upgraded engine and features six multiplayer modes.

The publisher was speaking to Eurogamer to clarify comments made by Tigon Studios head of production Ian Stevens, who told us during Atari Live that a true sequel was "a couple of years out", describing Dark Athena as an "episodic expansion".

Atari's point was that Dark Athena deserves to be labelled a proper game. "It's around 11 hours of stealth and epic action, and the characters you meet throughout this story are very believable using an impressive game engine," a spokesperson insisted today.

"It's a mature experience which has memorable moments that will have you playing through time and time again. Dark Athena is a follow-up to Butcher Bay as the story follows on from the end of that experience, it features breathtaking tech throughout and Butcher Bay has been completely remade as well."

Atari also said that there will be "six multiplayer modes including the Pitch Black and Butcher Bay Riot modes, which are unique and need to be experienced."

Check out the Atari Live Eurogamer TV Show and our Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena preview for more.

Update: Clarification to the clarification. We should have written that Dark Athena is based on "an upgraded new version of Starbreeze's engine", but this got confused over the phone. Apologies.

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