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Revengeance used to have a lot more cats

Prototype gameplay was the cat's meow.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance may have contained 100 per cent fewer monkeys than Metal Gear Solids 3 and 4, but it used to have a lot more cats. An early prototype video published by developer Platinum Games this week showed off an unreleased version of the game in which Raiden is surrounded by dozens of acrobatic felines. It turns out these kitties don't need nine lives as just one will suffice since Raiden cannot in any way harm them.

Amusingly, his sword doesn't just go through them the way that it does with so many non-interactive items in the game, but instead the hyperactive cats hop out of the way whenever danger is near.

Platinum Games decided to keep one of these felines around in the final game and fans have come to call him the "ninja cat" due to his remarkable moves. There's even a cute Easter egg later in the game where an enemy soldier pets the dastardly kitten while you're incapacitated and a villain is monologuing at you. Check out his final appearance in the video below (mild spoilers follow).

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