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Resident Evil Village - Hall of War puzzle, Chamber of Solace, daughter fight and where to use the Sanguis Virginis explained

How to survive your next tour of the castle's underground passages.

The Hall of War features one of several puzzles you'll encounter within the castle area of Resident Evil Village.

Once you've solved it, you can begin exploring the underground area of the castle, and eventually get the Sanguis Virginis. Our advice? Make sure you bring plenty of firepower - or at least a steady aim to make what you have count.

For help elsewhere in the game, see our Resident Evil Village walkthrough and list of Goats of Warding locations.

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Hall of War puzzle solution in Resident Evil Village

Once you have opened the Prioress Door in the Main Hall, you'll be underground, past the Tasting Room, and in the Hall of War - with seemingly no way forward.

To solve the Hall of Wall puzzle, you must use the hanging torch to light the two braziers against the wall.

To do this, you must walk into the torch until it touches each brazier. It feels a bit odd to do this, especially in first person, but turns out headbutting a hanging object can indeed solve a puzzle.

Once done, a route will open to a dungeon-like cellar.

Exploring the Chamber of Solace in Resident Evil Village

There are multiple cells here to explore, but nothing much of note, aside from two files - Treatment Candidates on a table before you need to go into a cell on the left, and Observation Report in the cell opposite where you come out from there.

Continue round the corner to the north-west, and the music will stir.

Enemies will now appear, armed with melee weapons. These aren't too difficult to take down individually - they move slow, and firing at them should halt their attack - but they can easily overwhelm you.

Back away the way you came and take them on gradually. Unlike the werewolves outside, it's worth clearing out every enemy which appears - you should have the handgun ammo to do so, and each one defeated drops either Lei or treasure for the Merchant.

As you move south and towards the Chamber of Solace, more will emerge, and in our experience, there will be one final one just before the stairs leading out. Once the coast is clear, sweep the area to gather any missed resources - you'll find some in alcoves at the base of the wall in some cells - to turn the map blue, showing it's cleared out of items.

Head up the stairs, ignore the door to the Special Chambers which requires the Iron Insignia Key ahead, and head through more cells to the south.

How to fight the daughter in Resident Evil Village

Here, one of Dimitresu's daughters will appear. Ignore for now and quickly go south through the cells until you reach some stairs, and take the corridor round to a passage blocked by wood.

Interacting with it will trigger a cutscene which will see the daughter attack you. With the window broken, this will make her vulnerable to attack.

The way ahead is blocked, so you have to fight; you can get a handful of shots off before running to the side while she attacks. There is limited room to move here, so don't worry about retreating the way you came a little.

Take your time and prioritise staying safe, and soon she will soon die - giving you the Crystal Torso treasure reward.

The way ahead will now open. Here is the Kitchen, with the A Cook's Diary File to the left, and a key item - the Sanguis Virginis, a bottle of wine - in the bucket.

Where to use the Sanguis Virginis in Resident Evil Village

Go through the door, and open the briefcase opposite for the LEMI - Recoil Compensator weapon upgrade. There is also a Lockpick in this corridor, and a Lockpick drawer you can use it on if you choose.

Going south takes you to the Dining Room. There's not much here aside from a door which requires the Courtyard Key.

Leave through the door west to return to the Main Hall. Now's a good time to head back to the Hall of Four and the Merchant's Room to save and spend some of your Lei if you want.

When you're ready, head to the Wine Room. This is upstairs from the Main Hall, in the room going east.

Place the Sanguis Virginis we picked up from the basement Kitchen on the pedestal at the far end to open a new route out.

Inside here is a box with the Courtyard Key - this will take us to, you guessed it, the Courtyard and the Hall of Ablution statue puzzle.

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