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Resident Evil Village bells puzzle: Where to find all 5 bell locations in Atelier

How to find each location in the castle puzzle.

Finding Resident Evil Village bell locations is a puzzle you'll encounter in the latter stages of exploring the castle, as you aim to find all four Angel Masks.

Within the Atelier, you find a note asking you to 'Let the five bells of the chamber ring out' near the painting of Lady Dimitrescu.

Once you have located and rang (by shooting or knifing) all five bells, you may continue up to the rooftop area and a Mask location.

For help elsewhere in the game, see our Resident Evil Village walkthrough and list of Goats of Warding locations.

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5 bell puzzle locations in Resident Evil Village explained

The five bell locations are all within - or technically speaking, visible from - the Atelier room:

1. This is on the table next to the busts at the side of the room.

2. Look to the west and see moving cogs through the wall. A bell will swing by occasionally. Shoot it as it goes; it's hard to hit, but focus on one 'window' and keep trying until you get the timing right.

3. This one is above the tall cabinet against the wall. It's smaller than the other bells, so easy to miss.

4. Go up the stairs. Shoot the chandelier to rock it from side to side, revealing a bell on top of it. Shoot it again when you have a clear shot.

5. From the top of the stairs, look out across the room to a window high up the wall at the far end. You can see the bell outside in the distance.

You need handgun ammo to complete the above, as most are out of reach. If you run out, you can smash the cabinets with your knife to get some. Remember you can craft ammo, or return to the Merchant and purchase more.

With all five bells found, the large painting on the far wall will move, revealing a hidden passage.

This now grants you access to the Rooftops, and another Mask location.

Looking for more help? Our Resident Evil Village walkthrough hub offers an abridged guide to completing the story.

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