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Resident Evil Revelations - Episode 3, Ghosts of Veltro: Escape the office block, battle the Hunters in the hall, M3 shotgun location

How to complete the opening part of episode three in Resident Evil Revelations.

Episode 3: Ghosts of Veltro hits the ground running with a battle against Hunters in the hall as you escape the office block. There's also the chance to find an M3 shotgun along the way.

If you need more help, our complete Resident Evil Revelations walkthrough can assist with other sections of the game, including all Handprint locations, Raid mode and unlockables.

Escape the office block

Episode 3's opening segment rewinds the clock an entire 12 months, and relocates to the sun-dappled city of Terragrigia. This time you're in control of Parker (with a little assistance from Jessica, making for an entirely new pairing) and will be holed up in an office block for the duration of the sequence while biowarfare ravages the world outside.

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Once the cutscene ends, immediately scour the room and pocket the considerable amount of ammo in the area, alongside the green herb. When you're tired of the conversation unfolding in the corner, slip out through the double doors to the east and follow the staircase down to the left.

Battle the Hunters in the hall

At the bottom, you'll immediately be ambushed by reptilian mutants known as Hunters, who come barreling down the staircase to the south.

Their main attack is a quick, powerful swipe with a decent reach, so you'll want to stay at medium range while you take them on. Thankfully, you've got a machine gun to hand which'll make light work of them if you aim for the head. More troublesome is their tendency to hop back and forth out of the way of your gunfire. As such, you'll want to use short sharp bursts, lining up your shots and letting rip as they bounce into your sights in order to avoid wasting ammo.

As soon as the first three reptiles are down, you can scour the room for supplies. You'll find a green herb in the southeast corner and another on the desk in the middle of the hall. You'll also find a hand grenade and ammo on some boxes beneath the northern staircase, and more ammo underneath the stairs in the southwest corner of the room. Stay vigilant though - more enemies will flood into the area as you go.

Continue picking through the incoming Hunters until the ambush finally subsides.

Head for the elevator

Once the area is secure, follow Jessica up the southern-most staircase and follow the walkway along. Move into the stairwell, climb the steps, and hit the elevator call button when you reach the lift doors. Ready yourself however: as soon as the doors open, another Hunter will leap out to attack, so quickly put some distance between you and your target then open fire.

When the coast is clear, step into the lift and press the button on the wall. After a short descent, the lift will come to a crashing halt. Step out into the hallway to proceed.

Head for the other elevator

Head east through the archway and follow the corridor south until you reach the brown door on your right. Make your way through then work your way around the room. As you approach the windows, another reptile will smash on through and attack. Deal with it quickly and exit via the next door, grabbing the ammo from the table if required.

Make your way along the hallway and duck into the boardroom through the door on the left. There's another mutant lying in wait just inside to the right, so swing around immediately and bring it down before it can strike. Swipe the ammo lying on the office chair and head through the doorway in the northern wall.

M3 Shotgun location

Out in the hall, take a left and enter the first door you see on your right. You'll find the FBC's Charter document on a large central desk, plus a green herb, more ammo, and a hand grenade elsewhere in the room.

When you're ready to proceed, make your way back through the previous door and ready yourself for an ambush from the right. Deal with the lone creature that attacks then head east along the corridor, grabbing the M3 SHOTGUN as you go. Continue north and follow the passage along as it bends to the left, making your way through the door at the end.

In the next room, take a right and pick up the green herb on the ground. You'll also find ammo and a hand grenade in the various lockers around the room. Once you're suitably restocked, go through the door in the northern wall.

On the other side, a mutant will attack from the left. Finish it off then vault over the 'caution' sign, following the corridor beyond around to the left. As you round the next corner, you'll stumble into the path of two oncoming mutants so deal with them too. Finally, head through the door on your right.

The route downward is blocked so head up the stairwell until you arrive on the sixth floor. When you reach the landing, slip through the door and take a right along the passageway. Grab the ammo and grenade from the small area to the right, then head on through the double doors.

In the next room, vault over the sign and follow the route around between the office cubicles, eliminating the three reptiles patrolling the area. Note that there's another green herb in the cubicle to the right, immediately after jumping over the sign.

When the enemies are down, explore the office to locate some ammo on the floor, plus more ammo in the two lockers situated along the wall to the north. There's also some ammo in the locker to the southeast. Make your way through the door in the northeast corner of the room. Out in the hallway, take a right and interact with the half-raised shutter at the end of the corridor. On the other side, turn left and follow the passage as it winds around.

Once the corridor opens out into the large hallway, you'll spy some ammo on the boxes immediately ahead and a grenade to the right. Turn left into the main part of the room and dash around to locate the plentiful supplies of ammo and the green herb. Finally, call the elevator to the south.

While you wait for the elevator to arrive, Hunters will smash through the glass and begin to attack. There are three waves of creatures to defeat before the lift doors open, so you'll need to stay vigilant and hold your nerve.

Hunters can do a lot of damage if they catch you with your claws and it'll only take a few direct strikes to bring you down.

As such, you'll want to constantly scan your surroundings to avoid surprise attacks from behind. Your best strategy here is to take aim and fire off a few shots, then quickly drop your weapon and dash to a clear position, putting as much distance between you and your targets as possibly before resuming your attack.

Eventually, the lift doors will open, but it's not quite the end of your ordeal yet. Head toward the elevator but don't get inside just yet. Instead, pick off the mutants as they continue to pour in - the lift won't move until the floor is free of enemies, and you absolutely don't want to find yourself trapped in the confined elevator space as creatures continue to rush your position.

Once peace is finally restored, enter the lift and interact with the button panel.

Head for the heliport

As soon as the lift reaches its destination, step out into the corridor and follow it along. Climb the steps and head through the steel door at the end of the passage. Make your way up onto the helipad and approach the helicopter to trigger the sequence's dramatic closing cutscene.

We're back to Jill again for the next chapter, who is looking for a Helm Key and Communication Room Key. Let's go help, shall we?

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