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Resident Evil Revelations - Go to the Terragrigia Command Room, Tourniquet medical supplies location

Continuing episode 11 in Resident Evil Revelations.

Time for another flashback as we explore the Terragrigia Command Room and find the Tourniquet medical supplies location in the latter half of episode 11.

If you need more help, our complete Resident Evil Revelations walkthrough can assist with other sections of the game, including all Handprint locations, Raid mode and unlockables.

Go to the Terragrigia Command Room

Head along the passageway and up the stairs. Continue forward and round the corner to the left = you'll be immediately ambushed by a Hunter. Backtrack a little to give yourself some space then open fire. When it's safe to proceed, push onward. Grab the green herb on the cabinet to the left and call the elevator. Move inside then push the button to reach the building's upper level.

When the doors open, step out and make your way along the corridor - there's a bit of a kerfuffle going on ahead. At the junction, take a right and start picking off the Hunters attacking Raymond further along the hallway. You'll find some much-needed ammo near the boxes on the left of the corridor, just before you reach Raymond's position.

During the fight, stay vigilant and watch out for Hunters spawning behind you, back along the corridor. You'll also want to aim carefully and to stick to headshots - your ammo is incredibly limited, and having to finish the fight with your knife isn't a whole lot of fun.

Once all the Hunters are down, approach Raymond and, when prompted, hoist him onto your shoulder. Proceed along the corridor, grabbing the ammo as you go. As you approach the fallen debris blocking your path, look to the left and locate the door that's slightly ajar.

Slip on through then hoover up the ammo and green herb in the next room. Make your way through the door to the east and follow the corridor along, pocketing the ammo as you go.

As you near the bend ahead, another Hunter will spring out to attack. Dispatch it swiftly then head around the corner to the right, continuing along the passageway. There's another Hunter waiting to ambush you around the next corner - take it down with a couple of headshots then continue forward. You'll immediately see another Hunter ahead, so deal with it too.

Once you reach the final section of the corridor (a steel shutter blocks the far end), you'll need to locate the door on the left leading into a room marked M3-1. Head inside, take the ammo from the table, then move into the next corridor via the door to the southwest.

Take a right then head along the passage. Shortly a cutscene will play and, after, you'll leave Raymond to fend for himself while you explore the building in search of medical supplies.

Tourniquet medical supplies location

About-face and go east along the hallway, hopping over the 'caution' sign once you reach it. Continue forward, take a left, and grab the green herb. There's some ammo on top of the nearby cardboard boxes. Turn around and jump back over the sign. Head into the meeting room marked M3-1 on the right and leave through the door on the other side.

Out in the corridor, take a left toward the closed steel shutters at the far end. Just before you reach them, go through the door to the right, into the blood-smeared storage area. You'll find more ammo here, plus a hand grenade and another green herb. Once you're suitably restocked, head back out into the corridor.

This time, follow the passageway east and continue all the way around until you reach the door at the very end. Head into the next room - you can read the Daily Courier Article 1 document on the table here if you like - then go out the other side.

Take a right and almost immediately you'll reach a junction on your left. Turn into it and hop over the 'caution' sign. Follow the corridor forward as it winds back and forth, and head through the metal door on the right, near the end.

Climb the stairwell and you'll be ambushed by another Hunter - take it out then grab the green herb nearby. Continue your ascent to Floor 4 and go through the door on the landing. Next, grab the ammo to the left then head south and pass through the double doors.

In the office, there's some ammo in the locker immediately to the left, and a Daily Courier Article 2 document on the table to the right. Once you've finished with both, head further into the office, following the path that runs between the cubicles.

As you loop around to the north, you'll encounter more Hunters, and there's an additional lone Hunter at the very end of the room. Once you've cleared the area, pocket the green herb, the ammo and, finally, the TOURNIQUET. Tend to Raymond

Unsurprisingly, your next task is to retrace your steps all the way back to Raymond on Floor 3. Use the yellow dot on your mini-map for reference if you get lost, and stay vigilant for Hunters patrolling your route back - they have a tendency to lurk just around corners, meaning that you can often be right on top of them before you see them.

As you reach the meeting room adjacent to Raymond's corridor, you'll see a swarm of Hunters hurtle passed the window heading toward his position. Move through the door, giving chase, and lend your assistance in battle. Return to Raymond once peace is restored, then interact with him to patch him up and trigger a cutscene.

Go to the Command Room

Now that Raymond is looking a bit perkier, go through the door immediately ahead into meeting room M3-3. Take a right and follow the route around the shelves. Go through the door, take a left along the passage, then take another left through the doorway at the end.

As you move into the next room, a Hunter will race around the central column and attack. Quickly bring it down then swipe the ammo from the seat. Summon the lift to the north and hit the button to descend further.

When the elevator comes to a halt, step out and grab the supplies to the left and right - you'll find ammo and a green herb. Next, make your way down the stairwell. At the bottom, head forward, grab the ammo from the alcove to the right then work your way along the passage ahead. Once you step out into the foyer, another Hunter will ambush you from the right. Take it out then follow the walkway clockwise around the room, descending the steps once you reach them.

As soon as you arrive in main lobby, scour the room for supplies - there's an assortment of ammo and green herbs in various nooks, crannies, and corners. Stay vigilant though: a small number of Hunters will attack as your explore the area.

Once you're restocked, make your way up the stairs in the northwest corner of the room, smashing the crate for more ammo as you go. At the top, take a right and interact with the double doors leading into the Control Room.

Get Raymond to safety and kill the Hunters

As soon as you do, Hunters will spring in from all sides. About-face and start working your way through their ranks - you might find it easier to move the fight back down to the main lobby where there's a lot more room to manoeuvre. Raymond, meanwhile, will head into the Control Room and wait for your violent spree to conclude. When all the Hunters are dead, a cutscene will play, marking the end of the episode.

Time to head to Episode 12: The Queen is Dead and the game's concluding episode. Good luck!

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