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Resident Evil Revelations - Episode 11, Revelations: Defeat the tentacle boss Malacoda

How to complete the opening part of episode 11 in Resident Evil Revelations.

Episode 11: Revelations starts with defeating the tentacle boss Malacoda menace, who showed its face at the end of the last chapter's get off the ship objective.

If you need more help, our complete Resident Evil Revelations walkthrough can assist with other sections of the game, including all Handprint locations, Raid mode and unlockables.

Defeat tentacle boss Malacoda

You've a time limit for this fight, and the episode opens with four minutes on the clock. Throughout the battle, you're constrained to a long walkway that runs parallel to the boss - you'll find a couple of green herbs along here, should you start to get low on health at any point.

Before you do anything else, locate the cylindrical tank in the middle of the walkway, found among the junk to one side. Scan it to reveal Handprint 28. You'll need to be quick, however, as the boss will constantly harass you with its parasitic tentacles from behind.

Once you're ready to start inflicting damage on the beast, turn your attention to its tentacles. A maximum of two tentacles can appear either side of the creature's head at a time, and both can be completely retracted - so don't panic if they suddenly disappear.

These tentacles spend much of the time flailing around in the mid-air, giving you ample opportunity to take a shot. Intermittently, however, they'll perform one of two attacks: either lunging straight at you, or vomiting out three projectiles which rocket toward your position.

The trickiest move to avoid, or even react to, is the projectile attack, as it's barely telegraphed prior to deployment. The lunge attack, however, is easier to spot: you'll know it's coming when a tentacle goes stiff and start flapping its pincers.

Unfortunately, the tentacles are high up and outside of your natural line of sight, so it's usually hard to see what they're up. Both moves can, in theory at least, be avoided by dodging passed or running away - but it's often easiest not to bother watching for their tells and to just keep moving around, hoping you don't get hit.

Blast away at the tentacles with whatever weapons you have to hand. The damage your standard weapons do will be relatively minor, but still crucial to victory, given that you're racing against the clock. Your life will soon be made much easier, however: before long, the helicopter pilot will start dropping crates containing rocket launchers into the arena.

Smash the crate, swipe the weapon, and fire it straight at a tentacle of your choosing - a direct hit will cause it to slither off into the sea, spawning a replacement. Crates rain down relatively quickly, but do revert back to your standard weapons while you wait. When you've eliminated enough tentacles, the Malacoda will slump to one side, signalling the end of the fight.

Once you've boarded the helicopter to make your escape, however, the creature will reawaken. This time, you'll be attacking from the air, using the chopper's mounted machine guns. Your pilot will fly around the area in a loop, so you just need to focus on aiming and shooting.

Direct your gunfire at the Malacoda's tentacles as they pop out of its body. Fire in short bursts to avoid overheating your weapon, and always aim for the tentacles' heads to stop them from lunging forward. Shoot down any incoming projectiles quickly - these can do a lot of damage to your ride.

On occasion, all of the tentacles will come out to play at once which can be a bit overwhelming. If you start to struggle, fire off one of your limited grenades to push them back.

Toward the end of the fight, all four tentacles will strike again - keep on firing until every last one is eliminated. This will trigger the very final section of the battle.

Once the Malacoda starts to roar, four tentacles will burst from its mouth and you'll be handed a missile launcher. Lock onto the creature's mouth and wait for the onscreen prompt to appear.

Immediately press the appropriate button to launch your final attack, bringing the creature's existence, and the sequence, to a dramatic close. Next, time to get to the Terragrigia Command Room, Tourniquet medical supplies location as we switch to Parker and Jessica.

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