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Resident Evil Revelations - Get off the ship, rescue Parker

Continuing episode 10 in Resident Evil Revelations.

Time to get off the ship and rescue Parker in the concluding part of Resident Evil Revelations Episode 10.

If you need more help, our complete Resident Evil Revelations walkthrough can assist with other sections of the game, including all Handprint locations, Raid mode and unlockables.

Get off the ship

Part two of Episode 10 returns us to the present, with Jill and Chris still pottering around below deck in Veltro's secret laboratory. Thanks to all that kerfuffle back on the Bridge, things aren't looking good for the Queen Zenobia - and the blaring alarms strongly suggest that the vessel won't be around for much longer. Needless to say, you'll need to make a hasty escape.

Once you regain control of Jill, Chris will leg it through the door to the north. Chase after him, passing through the morgue and out the other side. Move along the corridor, and continue forward into the next room. Go through the next door and take a right along the walkway. Follow Chris to the very end of the path and head through the small door to the right.

Make your way through the door (Chris will be waiting nearby), and follow the staircase down. Next, jump through the hole, splashing into the water below. Dive beneath the surface and locate the corridor to the southwest. Follow it along and turn left at the first junction. Surface when you reach the ladder then climb out onto dry line. Head up the steps and wind along the corridor into the next room, where a sudden explosion rocks the ship. Uh-oh!

Scour the flaming debris blocking the route ahead and swipe the Handgun Ammo Case. Next, jump off the walkway to the left. Follow the waterlogged passage west (accompanied by more ship-shaking explosions) and wind along the corridor until you reach the junction. Head left and continue forward until you're separated from Chris.

Pass through the door to the right, dash up the steps and make your way around the corner to the left. Interact with Parker when you reach him to hoist him onto your shoulder.

Rescue Parker

Continue east, descending the steps into the waist-high water and rounding the corner to the left. Pass through the door and grab the ammo floating behind the dead mutants directly ahead. Proceed east along the corridor and turn left.

A little further forward, a steam valve bursts, blocking your path. About-face then return to the area with the dead mutants. Make your way to the blinking button on the west wall and press it to shut off the steam.

Head east and several not-as-dead-as-they-previously-looked mutants will rise out of the water. Use your handgun to eliminate them quickly - you can shoot the explosive gas canister in the water, provided that you're not standing too close. Once it's safe to proceed, head east along the passage again, take a left and go through the now-unobstructed door.

Continue a short way forward to the junction and turn right. You'll run straight into Chris Redfield here. Shoot the explosive gas canister in the water near his feet to clear out the mutants surrounding him.

Next, follow him along the passage and around the corner. As you near the archway leading into the next room, Chris will start to play the hero, blocking your route forward. Despite appearances, he won't actually clear the next area of enemies himself - instead, you'll need to peer over his shoulder and shoot the gas canister ahead to get things moving again.

Pass into the next room, take a right, then follow Chris between the rows of water tanks. Up ahead, he'll stop again to attack the nearby mutant. Pull out your gun and obliterate it on his behalf to get him walking again. Follow Chris through the door to the left then climb the stairs in the next corridor. Proceed through the next door and move out onto the walkway.

Get off the ship

Once the cutscene is over, dry your eyes and prepare for another timed countdown sequence. You've got four-and-a-half minutes to leave the boat before it sends you skyward in a fiery, but no doubt spectacular, denouement.

Head forward, climb the stairs, and go through door at the end. Smash the crate immediately to the right for a green herb. Use the green weapon crate behind it if you want to adjust your load-out - the countdown will thankfully stop while you do so - and you'll now have the Burst 6 custom parts in your possession, if you defeated Rachael again a little earlier.

When you're ready to continue, look left and shoot the Tricorne Ooze standing on the walkway opposite. Next, drop down through the gap in the railing to the left, and be ready to dodge immediately - a sword-and-shield mutant will come charging out of the steam directly ahead.

Duck under him, about-face and quickly finish him off - there's an exploding gas canister nearby which might help if you can lure the creature within close range.

Once it's down, look to the left of the impassable steam wall to locate the valve. Interact with it to clear the path, and make your way along the now-accessible route to the east. Break the crate to the left for more handy ammo then climb the ladder nearby. At the top, turn left and follow the walkway forward, passed the gas canisters and all the way around the room.

You'll encounter a Wall Blister as you near the ladder so either take it down with a well-aimed rifle shot or lure it backward and shoot the gas canisters to defeat it - just stand well back when they go boom.

Once you're done, climb the ladder and proceed along the passage at the top. Follow it around to the left, swipe the green herb, then jump down into the shaft ahead. Smash the crate for some Custom Parts then, dodging any enemies that appear, climb the ladder to the right. At the top, break the crate for another green herb then follow the passage around to the right, moving through the door at the end.

Out on deck, your one and only remaining goal is to rush forward as quickly as possible, heading toward the doorway at the far end of ship. As the entire vessel creaks and groans and starts to capsize, the horizontal deck before you will rise into a steep incline.

Continue forward, dodging around the barrels (and the occasional lifeboat) that hurtle along the deck into your path. When you eventually reach the doorway at the end of the boat, dash through and keep moving until the cutscene begins, marking the episode's conclusion.

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